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Sally LongyearTamara

Sally A. Longyear, MPH, CIE

Sally A. Longyear, MPH, CIE, is an experienced leader in injury prevention seminars and evaluations, and is passionate about motivating individuals to live painfree. Her background in health education and human factors engineering creates the foundation for her holistic approach to ergonomics. She has extensive continuing education from the University of Michigan and the UCSF Occupational Medicine Division. Sally earned her Masters in Public Health in program design from San Jose State University and a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University. She specializes in the human factors of the office environment, but is also experienced in lab and manufacturing ergonomic principles. Her greatest concern is for children, and for her keyboarding classes in a Palo Alto Elementary School, she was featured in the SF Chronicle and on Channel 4 NBC News, Channel 5 KPIX Local News and MSNBC The Site.

Sally has managed the SRI International (Menlo Park, CA) Ergonomics Program since 1990. She established it three years after initiating the SRI Wellness Program.

At SRI, Sally provides:

  • Interactive injury prevention training for new hires, managers, lab and office employees, and ergonomics team members
  • Workstation evaluations
  • Product consultation
  • Office and lab design support
  • Chair fitting and functional keyboarding sessions

She also:

  • Communicates with medical care providers to insure effective treatment and proper accommodation
  • Interfaces with the human resource and regulatory compliance departments to facilitate the return to work of physically limited workers
  • Maintains the ergonomics lab

Tamara Mitchell, MA

Tamara is a human factors engineer with a background in design and analysis. She earned her Masters degree in psychology at San Jose State University, conducting her masters thesis at NASA Ames Research Center on the topic of visual perception anomalies potentially leading to pilot landing errors. After earning her degrees, she worked at General Electric in Daytona Beach, Florida and Link Flight Simulation in Sunnyvale, California as a human factors engineer, systems analyst, and supervisor of digital visual database design and production.

Today, Tamara works as an ergonomics consultant to SRI International in Menlo Park, CA.She is responsible for:

  • ergonomics publicity and outreach
  • ergonomic product demonstration center
  • workplace evaluations and consultations
  • ergonomics intranet website
  • computer database and financial tracking systems

During a ten-year interval between her employment in the flight simulation industry and her involvement in the ergonomics field, Tamara was an award-winning jewelry designer and goldsmith. The experience in the jewelry industry provided first-hand experience in production along with the human factors and ergonomic problems involved in manufacturing.

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