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Healthy Alternatives @ Airports

Yoga Room Midway Airport Chicago

If you are travelling and need to spend time at an airport, check the airport directory for yoga or meditation facilities. These are great spots for you to practice breath and self release before you board the plane. Try it! You will be amazed at how much easier and enjoyable your flight experience with be.Spaces are devoted to relaxation, self-reflection and practicing yoga.

In fact, the sky is literally the limit as airports are learning that passengers enjoy quiet relaxing places to unwind between connections or before flights. Gardens, parks, and paths, swimming pools, and nap cabins are being added worldwide inside airports. And if you are willing to pay, private companies are opening mini-spas where you can get a neck or body massage, or a pedicure.

Skip the alcoholic drinks to take the stress out of flying. New options are being offered and the more passengers ask about them, the more they will be created. Don't forget to seek out healthy food choices, too. More airports are offering fresh, healthy food options, too!