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Support Groups


We suggest that you check Meetup.com
to find possible RSI Support Groups in your area.

East Bay RSI
Support Group

For meeting information check
East Bay Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group
U.C. Berkeley Campus
Mailing address:
1442A Walnut Street, #113
Berkeley, CA 94709

RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury and Musculoskeletal Disorder Support Group

Stanford Hospital, Center for Integrative Medicine
Several wonderful classes are offered on an ongoing basis. Call the Center for Integrative Medicine for the latest schedule: 650-498-5566 or visit their website.

Mindfulness Meditation - designed to teach mind and body awareness techniques for coping with physical or psychological symptoms from stress and stress-related illnesses. By learning relaxation and awareness techniques, including mindful yoga and body movement, participants are taught to use their inner resources to relieve stress and manage pain more effectively. Eight weeks, one evening per week; ends with a one-day retreat. Cost: $285. Call them for information on the next class.

Forgive for Good - research demonstrated that forgiveness can reduce anger anddepression as well as enhance hopefulness and self-efficacy. The format is not intended as group therapy;but rather to teach self-care skills to heal old wounds and prevent new ones. Four weeks, one evening per week. Cost: $225. Call them for information on the next class.

Love Yourself - Class members will participate in guided exercises once a week, orchestrating your body, mind and soul into a self-nourishing whole person, strengthening your ability to give love to others by loving yourself (first). It is a six-week program designed to nourish your whole self so that you increase your capacity to give love and care to others.

Postive Psychology - This workshop will explore the new strength-based approach to positive psychology (aka "happiness"). We will discuss research on happiness for the purpose of developing improved personal well-being. Each class will include group guided practice, class discussion and personal reflection.
Check their website for the latest schedule of classes.
305 N. California Ave. #203
Palo Alto, CA

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