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If you sit longer than one hour and are not aware of time passing, a program or timer to remind you to take a microbreak every 30 minutes is important to prevent muscle strain. You must move at least once an hour to keep oxygen flowing to your soft tissues.

Watches and digital timers are the least expensive break timers available! If your watch has a "countdown and repeat" function, you can set it to "beep" every 15 minutes or so to remind you to take a break. (Note: Timex watches are the only ones we are aware of that have this feature, but others may, also.)

RSI Guard
This is a highly intelligent program that monitors your activity on the computer and adjusts rest breaks according to the duration and intensity of your workload. Programmable to introduce microbreaks with helpful tips and stretch breaks based on individual needs, auto-click the mouse (saving thousands of clicks), gathers statistics on mouse vs. keyboard useage.
$65, https://www.enviance.com/health/behavior-based-safety windowsMac

RSI Guard


Freeware. Microbreak reminder and a rest reminder that you can program to the frequency and length you want. Workrave gathers statistics on your computer activity. Available for Windows and GNU/Linux.
Free,Workrave.org windows

Workrave break software
Workrave break software
Break Time by Kadmi

Set break time, frequency, and duration. You can either set break frequency and duration for microbreaks or for regular breaks,but not both. Reading mode disables keystroke detection to continue break reminders even when the keyboard is idle. Music (midi) files play during the break and you can load your own favorite music midi files into the folder to play during breaks. Silent mode is also available. Transparency of the reminder screen can be set to be more opaque with higher intensity work periods. Flexibility allows the user to move the display aside to finish current task after break has begun, or to lock the display during the break period. Many other options are available. No stretches are available with this software. Free 30-day trial prior to purchase.
$29.95Kadmi.com windowsMac

Break Time
Timeout for Mac

FREE! Gently reminds you to take breaks and microbreaks. Breaks are fully configurable. You can even program it to play a piece of music (pausing iTunes). Breaks and microbreaks are fully customizable in duration and time. Time Out can track your work and break habits over time, too. OS 10.10 or later.
FREEhttp://dejal.com/ Mac

Stretch Break

Yoga-based stretches with customizable music sound files or an optional "time-to-stretch" reminder instead of the animated stretches. 36 stretches with 6 standing stretches. Breaks are based on keyboard and mouse use. Total control over the sequence of stretches that appear.


Stretch Breaks

Monitors keyboard and mouse use and suggests appropriate times for breaks and micro-pauses. Provides stretches, ergonomic information, and helps you recover if you are suffering from symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Pomodoro Break Reminder for Mac, Windows, iDevices, and Android

Completely programmable with customizable sounds/music (or silent mode), beautiful natural scenes,exercise suggestions (full screen versions only). The App is free if you buy the desktop version.

$4.99 and free 7-day trialwindowsMAC

Pomodoro Break Timer">
ErgoTimer Lite/ErgoTimer Pro Apps for iPhone and iPad

This app is available for iPhone and iPad. Either app includes a reminder to launch the app at the beginning of the day. It is integrated with the Chakra Community so you can read mindfulness blogs and participate in discussion groups. It has 4 sound options, customizable messages, custom start and end work hours to the minute, and an inspiration banner. The free version includes 4 options for the reminder alarm and one for the notifications. The Pro version enables 4 options for notifications. The notification system allows you to still get up to 10 notification reminders even when you are out of the app. Downloadable from iTunes.

ErgoTimer Pro App Download
ErgoTimer Lite App Download

The Big Mom - GooglePlay App

This app is available for android with programmable break reminders. In addition to programming break times, it is possible to set sound notificaation, vibration, LED light notification, gender options, select ring tone or sound file, and view history logs. Download from Google Play.

Google Apps

The Big Mom

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