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To avoid serious neck and back pain, any material referencedby the user must be upright, as close to the monitor as possible. The document holders listed below hold heavy books/binders and printouts. These holders allow data to be placed directly in front of the user, between the keyboard and monitor if there is enough space. Do not raise the top of the screen higher than your straight-ahead vision.

Vision Vu
VUR 18DC (18"), $45.59
Also available in 14" (VUR 14DC)
Source 1

Acrylic document holder slides around monitor without changing monitor height. Supports books or large stacks of paper. Adjusts in height and angle.

Vision Vu
3M In-Line Document Holder (DH640)$54

Multiple angle and height adjustment with elastic line guide that stays straight across the page to help you follow your place on the page and secures thick documents. Nonslip grooved edge holds up to 150 pages or a book. 11" x 18" back plate.

3-M Copy Holder
My Space Station
VUR 14MSS (graphite/clear), $26.00
Source 1

Acrylic document holder slides around monitor without changing monitor height. 14" wide. Strong enough to support several pages, but not books. Easel expands and collapses vertically to fit tight spaces. Features a small white board and notepad for messages.

Staples Book Holder (515621)
$10.98, Staples.com
This book and document holder can often be adjusted to a height and depth that will work inline with the monitor. Otherwise, it can be placed to one side of the monitor.
  • 9 height adjustments
  • Holds almost any book size
  • Two adjustable page markers holds book open
  • Nonskid easel-type base

Staples Book Holder
The document holders listed below keep documents to either side of the monitor andaccommodate letter-size documents.
Levo Desk Model Book Holder
Clamps onto edge of desk/work surface. Five different adjustments allows perfect placement of materials. Holds up to 5 lbs., so can handle large books.
1st Ergo
Levo Book Holder
DLG (double width with line guide), $59.95
DW (double width with no line guide), $55.95
SLG (single width with line guide), $51.95
SW (single width with no line guide), $47.95
Source 1

Acrylic holder featuring two viewing angles and heights. Available in two widths with or without line guide.

Kensington Adjustable Book and Copy Holder 62058,

Holds anything from a single sheet to a large book. Can be used inline between the keyboard and the monitor or beside the monitor. Height and tilt adjustable. Folds flat. Small and light enough for travel.

Kensington Adjustable Book and Copy Holder
Kensington InSight Priority Puck KMW62061,
$5.81, ProVantage.com

Tiered puck with five slots. Rests easily in front of or just next to the monitor.

Priority Puck

Computer writing surfaces

These surfaces allow you to type on the keyboard and have a writing surface in front of you to avoid reaching and twisting. Transparent acrylic allows you to see the keyboard through the surface.

MicroDesk, $99

For use on single-level surfaces. Measures 23"W x 12"D. Sloped writing surface fits over the keyboard, but allows access underneath for typing on the keyboard. Height and slope adjustable. Fits over most keyboards.

Available from: BackDesigns
Step MicroDesk, $99
Shaped to fit adjustable workstations and keyboard-tray fitted desks. Keyboard platform must be at least 9 deep for proper placement of the front edge of the Microdesk over the keyboard "home row." Provides a writing surface over the keyboard.
For more information see: themicrodesk.com
Available from: BackDesigns
Microdesk Step


If reading is a primary task, reading material should be held uprightwith a slantboard to avoid neck and back strain. The slantboard can also be used as adocument holder at the computer (see document holder descriptions).

Vendor Information

1st Ergo, www.1stergo.com
Toll free: 1-866-530-5323

Back Designs, Inc., backdesigns.com

HealthyDesign, www.healthydesign.com

Kensington, www.kensington.com


Source 1 Ergonomics, www.source1ergonomics.com
(650) 369-8288

Staples, www.Staples.com
For Book Holder search on 515621.

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