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There are many different keyboard options that claim to ergonomic. Many are not appropriate. It is important to choose a keyboard that fits your body. Otherwise, you will probably experience arm, wrist, or hand fatique over time if you spend lots of time at the computer. To use a keyboard safely, maintain a straight wrist, in all directions, relaxed arms and shoulders, and 90 degree or greater bend in the elbow. Detailed guidelines on selecting a keyboard are provided to enable you to select and adjust your keyboard. General guidelines are given below.

If you do not know how to type without looking at the keys, you may develop neck and shoulder problems. We suggest that you learn to type. There are lots of fun typing programs online you can choose from on www.freetypinggames.us/. It makes learning to type into a game!

Some individuals cannot tolerate the arm pronation and wrist deviation required with the use of a conventional keyboard.To determine whether you can use a straight keyboard or if you should use a split or contoured keyboard, place yourhands on the keyboard with your fingers on "home row" (i.e., "asdf/jkl;"). If your wrists are bent sideways when your handsare on these keys (ulnar deviation), you have a wide elbow angle and you might be more comfortable using a split or contoured keyboard. If your wrists are straight, you can most likely use a conventional straight keyboard without discomfort.

Your keyboard should be no higher than your sitting elbow height.Unless specifically manufactured for the Macintosh, keyboards have PC control keys Macintosh-specific control keys.

Standard Keyboards
Mini and Portable Keyboards

The latest connection for wireless keyboards, mice, and other peripherals is Bluetooth technology. New PC's and all Macs come equipped with the necessary Bluetooth adapter to be able to communicate with Bluetooth devices, though older PC's require an exteral "dongle" which is plugged into a USB port. Use of Bluetooth technology allows the computer to communicate with peripherals that are within proximity to the computer and it was designed primarily because it requires extremely little power, within a short range and uses low-cost transceiver microchips in each device. Use of Bluetooth technology also allows keyboards to communicate with handheld devices including SmartPhones and Tablets, so many keyboards now have the capability to switch communication between different devices and are called Universal keyboards.

USB connector PS2 connector Mac ADB connector
USB connector PS/2 connector (virtually obsolete) Macintosh ADB connector (virtually obsolete)
Standard Full-Sized Keyboards
Goldtouch V2 Keyboard, PC/Mac (GTU-0088), black only $96
Goldtouch V2 Keyboard PC only (GTU-099), black only $89
10-key Numeric keypad, black (GTC-0077) or white (GTC-033), $50
  • Small footprint allows the mouse to be within your "comfort zone".
  • Adjusts vertically and horizontally to create more neutral hand position and relaxed shoulders with 30° of adjustments in the horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Soft keys with low activation force and full key travel distance.
  • USB plug-in corded connection.
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatible
Goldtouch keypad
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Wireless Keyboard (L3V-00001)
Contoured keyboard with numeric keypad. The wristrest is removable, which we recommend to allow you to move the keyboard closer to you and avoid resting your wrists. USB connection.
Windows compatible
MS Sculpt Comfort
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business
Domed split keyboard with separate number pad. Available with or without domed mouse. Unfortunately, it has a non-removable soft wristrest which we do not usually recommend. USB connection.
Windows compatibleWindows 7, RT, 8, or 8.1 compatible.
$56 without mouse (5KV-00001)
$100 with mouse ( L5V-00001)
MS Scuplt Ergo Kybd Set
Kensington Comfort Type Keyboard (64338)
Comfort type keyboard enables people with wider bodies, but narrow elbow angle, to type without wrist deviation. Keys are angled, but positioned in the same location and spacing as a regular keyboard. Split keyboards are not required for people with a narrow elbow angle, but traditional keyboards can require wrist deviation for people with larger frames. Mac and PC compatible, but has traditional PC key layout.
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatible
Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350
Wave shaped wireless keyboard with cushioned palm rest. Plug the USB unifying receiver into your computer for connectivity to this keyboard and other external Logitech devices.
Windows compatible
Logitech K350 Kybd
Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750
Solar power keeps your keyboard powered, even indoors, with an app that lets you see how much battery power is left. The keyboard is just 1/3" thick, keys are comfortable and quiet, and wireless is 2.4 GHz. USB plug and play. This is not a bluetooth device and will not work with iPad or iPhone.
Windows compatible
Mac or PC configurations available from $50
B & H Photo & Video
Logitech solar keyboard
Logitech Solar Keyboard Mac
Macally 103 Key Full-sized Keyboard with Mac shortcut keys.
Full-sized keyboard with 103 keys and 15 MacOS X shortcut keys. Plug and play with cord. Low profile.
macintosh compatible
$20, ProVantage.com
Macally 103 Key Keyboard
Zeomi ZTab Keyboard ZKB-0501 Black
This keyboard was specifically designed for people who do a lot of data entry. Below the arrow keys is a large triple-width tab key that enables quick tabbing with the thumb while entering data with the numeric keypad.
Windows compatible
Zeomi ztab
Mini and Portable Keyboards BACK TO TOP
Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
Approximately 11 " long x 5 " wide, this small keyboard will connect with any wireless device that supports an external keyboard. Bluetooth wireless, cross-platform/multi-platform Windows, Mac, Chrome, Andoid, and/or iOS. Connect with up to three devices simultaneously. Automatically maps keys to the device including shortcuts. Available in blue (920-007559) or black (920-007558).Windows compatiblemacintosh compatiblebluetooth
Amazon, ProVantage.com
Logitech K380 keyboard
Logitech K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
Approximately 1.77 " long x 7.68 " deep, this small keyboard will connect with any wireless device that supports an external keyboard. It has an integrated cradle to hold your SmartPhone or tablet while you type. Bluetooth wireless, cross-platform/multi-platform Windows, Mac, Chrome, Andoid, and/or iOS. Connect with up to three devices simultaneously. Automatically maps keys to the device including shortcuts. Available in white (920-006343) or black (920-006342).
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatiblebluetooth
Amazon.com, B & H Photo & Video
Logitech K480
Logitech K480
Goldtouch Mini Wireless Keyboard
Universal keyboard will communicate with almost any computer or device including smart TVs. 10.3"
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatiblebluetooth
Goldtouch Mini Wireless Keyboard
Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard (wired or wireless)
No number pad so mouse can be closer to the keyboard. Full sized arrow keys and F1-F12 keys. Twelve 1-touch hotkeys for Windows. (Hot keys do not function with Mac, Linux, or Unix. Very low profile with high quailty scissor keys with crisp action (not membrane keys). Both version are plug and play with no software. Wireless is USB. For reprogramming keys, use: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=22339 or http://www.randyrants.com/2011/12/sharpkeys_35/
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatible
Wired (EKB): $49.95
Wireless (EKBW): $59.95
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
Full-sized keyset, bluetooth, very thin and lightweight. Open the keyboard to turn it on; close it to turn it off. Rechargeable battery. Operates up to two mobile devices at once. Compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone.
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatiblebluetooth
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile or Wireless Keyboard (GTP-0044 or GTP-0044W).
Has a similar typing feel and touch as the traditional Goldtouch keyboard with smaller key size similar to 14" notebook computers. The two halves of the keyboard separate up to 30° with splaying and tenting just like the traditional Goldtouch keyboard. The keyboard folds in half and flat for storage. PC or Mac compatible with both PC and Mac function key markings. The Mobile keyboard is wired; the Wireless is bluetooth. Wireless has rechargeable battery. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad technology. A switch on the back of the keyboard controls whether the keys respond as Mac or PC configuration.

Windows compatiblemacintosh compatible
$99.00 Mobile
$119.00 Wirelessbluetooth
Goldtouch Go Keyboard
GoldtouchGo2 folded
Apple Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A)
Small, very thin bluetooth wireless keyboard works to 30 ft. from computer. No numeric keypad. Hot keys to control screen brightness, multimedia, expose, and dashboard. Powers down when not in use. Works with Mac computers, iPad, and iPhone.
macintosh compatiblebluetooth
$89-96, B& H Photo and Video, Amazon.com
Apple Magic Keyboard
Adesso SlimTouch Wireless 2.4 GHz RF Mini Touchpad Keyboard (WKB-4000)
Very thin, lightweight and portable, this keyboard is an excellent choice for use with your laptop. Connectivity up to 150 ft. away from computer. Mini USB Receiver. Plug and play.
$57, www.ProVantage.com
Adesso slimtouch wireless
SIIG USB Mini Multimedia Keyboard (JK-US0312-S1)
86 keys with 5 hot keys. 12.5" wide x 6" high x 0.875" deep. Lightweight.
Windows compatible
$18 - $22, Frys.com
SIIG mini keyboard
IYUT Silicone Keyboard.
Full keyboard with keypad folds, wraps, or rolls to fit into your laptop case. USB wired keyboard. Waterproof.
Windows compatible
$15, Amazon.com
IYUT rollable keyboard
Rocksoul Flexible Wired Keyboard.
Rollable. Water and dust-proof. Full keyboard with keypad. Compatible with all Windows operating systems (98 through 10 and Vista).
Windows compatible
$12, Amazon.com
RockSoul Flexible Keyboard
Adaptors & Cables BACK TO TOP
Kensington 4 port USB Pocket Hub 2.0
High speed USB 2.0 with downward compatibility to USB 1.1 laptops and peripherals. 4-port connector enables connection of USB keyboard and mouse to a USB laptop port.

$21, ProVantage.com
Kensington pocket hub
Belkin 4-port Ultra Mini Hub (F5U407)
The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub provides four downstream USB ports for Plug-and-Play connectivity to your USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. A perfect lightweight travel tool, this compact Hub tucks easily into the pocket of your laptop bag, and requires no extra power supply.
$10, Amazon.com

Belkin USB 4-port travel hub
Targus 4-Port Bend-a-hub (ACH103US)
USB 2.0 hub allowing connection with 4 USB devices, especially those with wide or large connectors. Rolls up for easy storage during travel.
$19.99, Targus.com

Targus bend-a-hub
Bluetooth Dongle

For wireless communication with a full range of Bluetooth devices. Computers equipped with microphones and speakers can also pick up and dial out, and wireless stereo music transmission. There are many manufacturers of bluetooth dongles, though most recent computers and other devices come equipped with bluetooth capabilities and do not require a dongle adaptor.
Approx. $20, ProVantage

bluetooth dongle
PS/2 to USB Adaptor for Keyboard and Mouse

Allows you to connect a PS/2 mouse and keyboard through the USB port on any computer. Good for laptop users and to connect old PS/2 devices to newer computers. Several brands are available.

approx. $12
Adesso PS/2 to USB adaptor
IOGear 2-port MiniView Micro USB PLUS KVM Switch with Audio and Cables (GCS632U)
Use one keyboard, monitor, USB mouse, and speakers to connect to 2 computers. Plug and play with no special software. Full support for PC, Mac, and Sun systems including special keys.
Windows compatiblemacintosh compatible
$30, Amazon.com

IOGear KVM Switch

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