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Adjustable Worksurfaces:
Keyboard trays
Mouse bridges
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Headsets/Phone Rests
Document Holders
Laptop Supplies
Office Supplies
Lab Supplies
Task Lighting
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Self Care Products

For detailed information about avoiding repetitive strain injuries in the laboratory, along with further product suggestions, please read our series of articles on Laboratory Ergonomics.

Antifatigue Matting & Insoles

Antifatigue Matting and Insoles.

Mats in front of standing workstations are critical forback injury and leg fatigue prevention. Price varies according to length, width and volume.

Ultra Sponge MatsUltra Sponge Mats
Consolidated Plastics Company

- 100% closed cell PVC sponge offers proper leg and back support preventing theachiness associated with tired and strained muscles.
- A full 5/8" of extra thick anti-fatigue sponge gives additional comfort and supportenhancing worker productivity
- Industrial grade ribbed surface pattern provides durable texture and excellenttraction
- Fully beveled mat reduces trip hazards and improves safety
- Resistant to many common fluids and chemicals
- Perfect for industrial work stations, service counters, work stations, assembly lines,and cashier stands

MegaComfort Memory Foam Insoles

People who must spend a lot of their day standing, especially on hard surfaces, often experience leg, ankle, and foot pain. One option is floor mats (see above). Another option is to use high quality shoe insoles, which are essentially floor mats that can travel with you! We recommend MegaComfort memory-foam insoles which have received extremely favorable reviews in a survey we conducted. Order by shoe size.
Cube Solutions, (408) 378-6270 or Amazon.com

MegaComfort Insoles

MegaComfort Memory Foam Insoles

Electronic Pipettes.

To minimize hand strain use lightweight magnetic assist pipettes. Several models for different applications.

Rainin Instrument CompanyEletronic Pipette
Ovation BioNatural pipettes: VistaLab Technologies, Inc.Ovation pipettes


Supporting your feet while standing for long periods or sitting high on a stool helps prevent back pain. Your knees should be even with or slightly lower than, your hips while you are sitting. Alternate feet being supported by the footrest while standing.

Workrite Height and Angle Standing Footrest (215-WIDE)
$150, ErgoDirect or The Human Solution
Workrite footrest

Keyboards & Covers

IYUT Silicone Keyboard.
Full keyboard with keypad folds, wraps, or rolls to fit into your laptop case. USB wired keyboard. Waterproof.
$15, Amazon.com
IYUT rollable keyboard
Rocksoul Flexible Wired Keyboard.
Rollable. Water and dust-proof. Full keyboard with keypad. Compatible with all Windows operating systems (98 through 10 and Vista).
$12, Amazon.comn
RockSoul Flexible Keyboard
Keyboard and mouse covers
A variety of washable and disposable covers are available for keyboards, mice, and laptops that need to be protected in laboratory situations.
From $1 and up, www.viziflex.com
Keyboard coverMouse cover


EZgrip $3.00/3 pk.

EZgrips can be used with any pencil, pen, or pencil-like tool in industry, microelectronics, and medical/dental environments as well as office use. Like the ResQ pen and the EZgrip pen shown above, the patented rubber grip requires no gripping action when a finger is placed on the ridge on top. The rubber composite can be cleaned and chemically sterilized. For larger tools, the grip can be cut along the back, forming the grip around the tool or marker. Friction will usually hold the grip in place due to the light pressure required when using the grip.

Available from www.dextek.com


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