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To decrease the strain and awkward posture associated with mousing, an input device that fits your hand and has programmable buttons is an excellent option. Flexibility and good fit are important features of mice and other input devices. In general, use of input devices should be minimized because they are a primary source of Repetitive Strain Injuries. Please refer to our keyboard shortcuts webpage and learn shortcuts for the operations you use frequently.

mousing hand

A neutral hand position when using the mouse is flat. The knuckles should be even to or slightly higher than the wrist. (A 5° variation is acceptable.) The fingers should rest in a waterfall position. The middle finger should be in line with the elbow. Avoid dropping your wrist. More detailed information is provided on the mouse tips webpage. (These guidelines apply to traditional mice and trackballs, not alternative devices such as the Rennaissance Mouse, RollerMouse, or touchpads.)

Rules for selecting the right input device:

  1. Your hand should fit comfortably over the device with the horizontal width and length proportional to your hand size.
  2. Devices which tilt the hand halfway between palm down and palm up are preferred.
  3. The device should minimize isolated finger and hand movements as well as force, that overwork small hand muscles.
  4. Avoid trackballs that require overuse of the thumb.

You should never "click and drag" simultaneously, especially with a trackball (i.e. never hold a button while moving the ball). By programming one of the buttons to "drag" it is possible to avoid this harmful motion which is used to select areas of data or phrases or move windows. The drag button even works in such programs as Photoshop while using the various tools like the airbrush, cloning stamp, and paintbrush which normally require large amounts of "click and drag" motion.

In order to program the input device buttons, you must first install the correct software for your mouse or trackball.

Download and install software.

If you have a Logitech mouse or trackball, please follow the instructions below. To download the latest software, go to:www.logitech.com click Support, then Downloads. Select "mice" or "trackball" and then select your model or click "Select Product by Image" and choose the image of the device that matches yours. Click the Get Software button, select your operating system, then select Set Point and follow the instructions to download and install the software on your computer.

For assistance or questions on installing or programming your Logitech input device, call Logitech technical support: (646) 454-2700.

Programming your Logitech mouse: Click here if you need help programming the Logitech mouse buttons.
Programming your Logitech trackballs: If you need help programming trackball buttons, click here.

Download and install software.

Kensington mice are all plug-and-play now, so are no longer programmable.

Trackballs are programmable by downloading TrackballWorks Software from the Software & Drivers webpage on the Kensington website. Select the version of TrackballWorks specific to your operating system and computer. Instructions for programming the trackball are also available on the Kensington website.

It is recommended that you program one of the buttons to double click and another to draglock. Also, buttons can be programmed as "keystrokes" (e.g., with one touch of a button your password appears!). IMPORTANT NOTE: You can program the right click function to be any button. If you do not use right click frequently, program this function to be a button that is not at your fingertips. This frees up the traditional "right click" button to be programmed for a repetitive or stressful task you perform frequently. Alternatively, if you don't use right click to capture images, you can eliminate programming right-click on the mouse at all and use the right-click key on the keyboard (shown below). This works for all right-click functions except image capturing.
right-click key


Please use the guidelines above to select a mouse or trackball that fits your hand. The input devices below include some of our favorites, as well as unique devices designed for special applications and physical problems.

Logitech Trackman Marble (910-000806)
Symmetrical for use with right or left hand. Four programmable buttons. Optical tracking technology. Corded.Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS.
$24, B & H Photo & Video
Logitech Trackman Marble
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball Wireless(K72359WW)bluetooth""
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball Wired(K64325)

Large central trackball with four programmable buttons, scroll ring, and Diamond Eye optical technology. Buttons can be programmed in pairs for commonly-performed keystrokes. Trackballs are programmable by downloading TrackballWorks Software from the Kensington website. Go to the trackball web page and click on the link to download TrackballWorks. Select the operating system appropriate for your computer and download and install TrackballWorks software on your computer.
The wireless trackball can be connected via Bluetooth or USB receiver. Mac, Windows, or Chrome OS.windowsmacintosh
$70 wireless, $60 wired, B & H Photo & Video

Expert Wireless
Kensington Expert
Humanscale Switch Mouse
Ambidextrous and adjustable in size to accommodate almost any hand size. V-shaped base puts the wrist and hand in a natural position. 4-way scrolling dish and 3 programmable buttons. Please refer to the Humanscale website to download the appropriate driver: https://www.humanscale.com/products/product.cfm?group=SwitchMouse. USB corded.
$99.00, ErgoWorks, The Human Solution

Humanscale Switchmouse
Contour RollerMouse Pro3, RollerMouse Free3, or RollerMouse Red
The RollerMouse is built with a rollerbar that controls the cursor and can be manipulated with either the thumbs or the fingertips, requiring no gripping. The RollerMouse also helps eliminate repetitive reaching for a mouse, trackball or touchpad because its controls are centrally located beneath the space bar. The RollerMouse allows the users to perform tasks such as pointing, clicking and scrolling while keeping their arms in a relaxed position at their side. Any of the models can be used across multiple screens.
  • RollerMouse Pro3 has integrated padded wristrests and adjustable height and angle to fit your keyboard. Six buttons, 10 cursor speeds from 600-2400 dpi, and slider switch to adjust click force. The roller bar is located below the space bar on the keyboard. This model is recommended for people with small hands. Wired or wireless available. 19.5 " x 3.75 "

  • RollerMouse Free3 has all the features of the RollerMouse Pro3, but has a new type of sensor on the roller bar for more precise movements, 8 buttons including browser forward and back buttons. The roller bar extends the full length of the device. 10 cursor speeds possible from 600-2800 dpi. RollerMouse Free3 is recommended for people with hand of any size. 19.25 " x 4.5 "

  • RollerMouse Red comes with "7Senses" technology for precise cursor control, adaptation to the user's motion style, and six programmable buttons 10 cursor speeds from 600-2400 dpi. Detachable padded leatherette wristrest. Recommended for people with small hands. Wired only. It is the smallest RollerMouse. 16.15 " x 3.95 "

Available from ErgoWorks

RollerMouse Pro2RollerMouse Pro2 (Part #RM-FREE-BLK) - $200.00

RollerMouse Free2RollerMouse Free2 (white or silver) (Part# RM-PRO-BLK) - $234.00
RollerMouse RedRollerMouse Red (aluminum) (Part#RM-RED) - $265.00

3M Ergonomic Mouse (EM500/EM550)
Vertical grip mouse for right-handed use. USB with optical tracking. Right and left click rocker button on thumb with third button that allows scrolling in some programs, but not all. Two sizes, small or large. Use guide below to determine correct size for you. Wired or wireless versions. The wired version is PS/2 with a USB adaptor.
3M Vertical Mouse sizing chart
$60 small or large wired
$66 small or large wireless

3M Vertical Mouse
3M Vertical Mouse
Contour Design Mouse, Wired or Wireless

Wired version has 4 Right hand sizes/2 Left hand sizes. Wireless version has 3 Right hand sizes/2 Left hand sizes. Buttons are longer allowing the user to use the stronger second knuckle for clicks. Three buttons perform left click, right click and center button controls double click. Scroll wheel and rocker switch for added functionality with the thumb. Optional driver for buttom customization. Visit the Contour Design Website to determine the correct mouse size:
Wireless Mouse Sizing
Wired Mouse Sizing


$60 wired, $90 wireless, Contour Design
Contour Mouse
Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse
Right Handed Bluetooth (KOV-GTM-BDT) - $65
Right Handed Corded (KOV-GTM-R) - $49
Left Handed Corded (KOV-GTM-L) - $49
Supports the hand in a neutral wrist angle of 24° alleviating muscle fatigue and discomfort caused by pronation of the wrist. Increased height reduces constant pressure on the wrist by keeping the wrist off the mousing surface. Oversized mouse buttons and forward placement of mouse wheel allowing use without bending the fingers. Over-sized thumb cushion with rubber inlay helps maintain comfortable grip for hands of every size. Can be used with Windows, MAC, Linux, and Unix systems without software drivers. 3 buttons for Windows, 1-3 buttons for MAC depending on operating system. 1000 DPI resolution, 5'4" cord for corded versions.
windowsmacintosh Provantage
Goldtouch Left Handed
Goldtouch Bluetooth


Wacom Graphics Tablets
Wacom offers tablets with a variety of capabilities. Some use pen input only and are specifically for drawing or working on photos, while others allow finger or pen input and are more geared toward application navigation. Some tablets have additional navigation buttons. Left or right-handed. Wireless or USB models. Tablets that are 4-6 inches fit best next to the keyboard. Models change frequently so research the options on the Wacom website: wacom.com.

B&H Photo & Video, Amazon.com
Wacom tablet
Huion Graphics Tablets
As with Wacom, Huion offers tablets with a variety of capabilities, though prices for Huion are significantly lower. Some use pen input only and are specifically for drawing or working on photos, while others allow finger or pen input and are more geared toward application navigation. Some tablets have additional navigation buttons. Left or right-handed. Wireless or USB models. Tablets that are 4-6 inches fit best next to the keyboard. Research the various options on the Huion website: huiontablet.com.

Huion tablet
Cirque Smart Cat Pro 4-button Touchpad USB
Glidepoint technology allows you to glide your finger and tap to move the cursor. Features 4 mechanical buttons. Device measures 4.0 x 4.4 inches with a 2.5" x 2.1" touch area. USB. Software drivers are for Windows only.

Cirque Smart Cat Pro
Apple Magic Trackpad 2
Click, scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate for gesture input from this Bluetooth wireless touchpad. Edge-to-edge glass surface. 6.3 " wide x 4.52 " deep. Bluetooth with a rechargable battery that lasts about 1 month between charging. The previous version, Apple Magic Trackpad is still available on Amazon and is about an inch less in width if the Trackpad 2 is too large for your work surface. It costs about $50 less also.
B&H Photo, Amazon.com
Magic Trackpad 2


Dragon Speech Recognition Software by Nuance

Voice recognition now has 99% accuracy. There are solutions for almost any platform and many specific professions. Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapse common tasks into simple voice commands. Or create custom commands to automate repetitive tasks you perform that involve multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks. You can even dictate, edit, and format with your handheld device when you're away from your computer with cloud sharing available for Android or iOS. Prices vary depending on the product.

WindowsmacintoshNuance.com, Amazon.com
Dragon Speech Recognition
Mac, iPad, iPhone Dictation

If you don't have extensive need for speech recognition software, you may want to try the built-in software that comes with iOS.
This is how to use voice recognition on your Mac: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202584.
This is how to use voice dictation on your iPhone or iPad: lifewire.com.


SMK-LINK Bluetooth Dongle USB VP6494

For wireless communication with up to 7 open-standard Bluetooth devices (mice, keypads, keyboards, cell phones, headsets, speakers, or even toys. Operating range up to 33 ft. This is the smallest dongle available and upgrades PC computers to bluetooth enabled.
$24, ProVantage

bluetooth dongle
Kensington 4 port USB Pocket Hub 2.0
High speed USB 2.0 with downward compatibility to USB 1.1 laptops and peripherals. 4-port connector enables connection of USB keyboard and mouse to a USB laptop port.
$21, ProVantage

Kensington pocket hub


Humanscale MM-10 MouseMate Mousing Support
Attaches to any mouse. For use with either hand. Works with Logitech Marble Mouse and some other trackballs.

A mousebridge is suggested to bring the mouse in front of the user’s body. The bridge restsover the number pad and slides off to the side if the numbers are in use. The clear mouse bridge allows the user to see the numeric keypad through the mouse bridge. A solid black version of this style is also available.

Solid Black Mouse Bridge (looks like the Clear model, but is not transparent) $21.46 plus shipping

Clear Mouse Bridge (shown at top) $40 plus $5.62 shipping
Flat Mouse Bridge (shown at bottom)$50 plus $4.54 shipping
Amazon.com (SourceOne Storefront)

mouse bridge clear
mouse bridge flat

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