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Self Care Products

For self-massage, the Backnobber II tool is effective in releasing tension in tight back muscles. The tool comes with an informative booklet with techniques and exercises for a healthier back.
Available from:www.backbenimble.com. $27.95

Backnobber II

TheraCane Massager is a self massager used to apply pressure to sore muscles and trigger points. Recommended by Jan Henderson, who has taught many classes on self-acupressure. For a printable page of TheraCane exercises and massages: http://www.theracane.com/exercises_print.pdf.

Available from:
Amazon or AmazonSmile.
$29 - $36


Acu-masseur was designed by a Swedish massage therapist to work our trigger points and pressure points for therapeutic myo-fascial release. Adjustable to fit various size people. Particularly good for working out knots in the neck and shoulder or trapezius muscles.
Available from:
www.backbenimble.com. $37.95


Lacrosse Balls are somewhat firmer balls than yoga balls, and they are recommended by Kai Wheeler in the self-myofascial release routines demonstrated on our Neck and Shoulders Stretches web page.
Available from:Dick's Sporting Goods. $2.99 ea.

lacrosse balls

You can use the Orbit Massager for self-massage or someone else can use it on tight muscles. This tool is useful for releasing tight muscles and for deep tissue massage anywhere on the body.Available from: RogueFitness.com or PressurePositive.com. $23

Orbit Massager

Smooth plastic about the size of a large mushroom, the Knobble II is used to knead tense muscles and trigger points. The large "cap" of the mushroom is held in the palm of the hand and the smoothly rounded stem is used to apply pressure. Available in purple, green, or red. $9
Available from: PressurePositive.com or RogueFitness.com.

Knobble II

Yoga specifically designed for RSI called "RSI? Rx: Yoga!". The program is designed by Gail Dubinsky, M.D. who specializes in RSI. Moderately paced, well balanced, "no experience necessary" yoga program that minimizes stress on the hands and wrists. Four segments of about 20 minutes length each. When you purchase you get a DVD as well as a download.
http://www.rxyoga.com/video.html. $24.95

RSI Rx Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga audio CD: "Hatha Yoga for Home Practice". The program is designed by Gail Dubinsky, M.D. who specializes in RSI. The instruction is designed for those with some experience in hatha yoga...an "ongoing beginner" level. Four sessions on one CD.
http://www.rxyoga.com/audio.html. $18.95

Hatha yoga CD

Yoga specifically designed for gardeners: "Yoga for Gardeners". The program is designed by Gail Dubinsky, M.D. who specializes in RSI. Specifically designed to help people who garden to avoid repetitive strain injuries, there are 6 distinct yoga sequences. These work on core strength, basic stretches, leg strength, and stretches for the shoulder and upper back, upper and lower back strength, arm stretches, and after gardening relaxation. Purchase includes a CD and download.
http://www.rxyoga.com/yoga_for_gardeners.html. $24.95

Yoga for Gardeners

Foam rolls are used in release of the thoracic outlet and in back massage. Lie down with the 6" roll lengthwise under your spine, head supported on the roll. Let shoulders open up and arms lie on the ground in a relaxed position to open up the chest. Roll back and forth to massage the shoulders and back.
6" diameter x 12" long foam roll $7
6" diameter x 36" long foam roll $18

foam rolls

A variety of fingerless gloves are available to help you keep your hands warm while working. Keeping your hands warm increases circulation and oxygenation of tissues to keep them healthy. Check our Gloves product web page for detailed information on the options available.

Handeze gloves

Almost all activities of the hand involve the muscles that close the hand. The Cat's Paw exerciser is based on the principle that you should strengthen the opposing muscles. By strengthening the opening muscles of the hand and forearm, the extensor muscles will hold the wrist in a neutral position more easily and prevent many symptoms of the wrist and hand.

www.catspaw.com: $14.95 ea. or $29.95/3
Cat's Paw

People who must spend a lot of their day standing, especially on hard surfaces, often experience leg, ankle, and foot pain. One option is floor mats, which are detailed on the Lab Supplies products web page. Another option is to use high quality shoe insoles, which are essentially floor mats that can travel with you! Order by shoe size. The MEGAThotics have two additional inserts that can be used to correct problems with pronation/supination, bunions, plantar faciitis, achilles tendons, etc...more expensive, but worth the extra price if you have foot problems. More information at: MegaComfort.com.

Personal anti-fatigue mat insoles: $27MEGASole: $21
MEGAThotics 3-in-1 Comfort Orthotic System: $32

Available from:
Amazon.com, search for MegaComfort Insole
Cube Solutions
(408) 378-6270

MegaComfort Insoles

MegaComfort Memory Foam Insoles

Homedics Shiatsu Massager. This back massager doesn't just vibrate, it kneads the muscles in your back with two rotating heads. Visit the Homedics website to find the one you like best.
from $99.99

Homedics Massager
(503) 365-7554
P.O. Box 5955
Salem, OR 97304
Unique backpack for children and adults developed by Marilyn Miller von Foerster, P.T.
Distributes weight evenly on the sides, rather than the back, improving posture and reducing back strain.
Children's model: $27
Several adult models from: $65

Exercise balls are great for stretching and strenthening exercises. Please refer to the Seating webpage; Alternative seating.

Laminated posters are available online to guide you through 40 exercises that will tone, firm, and strengthen your body. NewMe Fitness has a 20" x 30" poster available on Amazon.com or NewMeFitness.com. $25

Pillows should support the natural curve in the neck. There are a number of options on the market in the form of neck rolls or contoured shapes.

The Trillow Biogreen contour pillow, available from Relief Mart https://www.reliefmart.com/pillows-and-sleeping-support-products/biogreen-environmentally-friendly-pillow/ ($149) is made of a memory foam which immediately molds to the shape of your head, provides superior support for your neck and head, and contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that other memory foam pillows contain.

Cervical Neck Pillows, are also available made of the a nontoxic memory foam.($60) https://www.reliefmart.com/pillows-and-sleeping-support-products/memory-foam-bolster-pillow/
Biogreen Trillow
cervical pillow
If you read or use a laptop in bed, it's important to support your lower back with supportive back cushion and cushioning under raised knees. This the Cequal Bed Lounger and inflatable Leg Lounger supports both back and knees. $137.
Hermell Products Bed Wedge has a concave eggcrate foam surface which cradles your back when you are sitting in bed.
Amazon or AmazonSmile, $30

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