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  • Keyboard trays
  • Mouse bridges
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The choice between table or keyboard tray is dependent upon what tasks are done while at the computer and an individual's leg clearance. (See Keyboard Trays below.)

Height Adjustable Tables:

Most need to be assembled and height adjusted. If you plan to use a keyboard tray, you must order a table that is no less than 24" wide because the track for the keyboard tray is almost 22" deep.
All frames are black. Four table colors available.
Height is adjustable from 22" to 30".
Virco tables do not include keyboard trays. Do Not Order tables with Virco's keyboard trays! They are not height adjustable! Order keyboard trays from those suggested below under Keyboard Trays.

Wayfair Supply
Search for 8700 Series Computer Tables
virco 8700 rectangle circo 8700 trapezoid
36", 48", 60", or 72" long x 24" deep
36", 48", 60", or 72" long x 30" deep
48" long x 24" deep trapezoid
60" long x 30" deep trapezoid
84" long x 42" deep trapezoid

Two surface options, four edge band color options, many leg color options, nylon or steel glides
Several adjustable leg options: Standard is adjustable 22" to 30". Wheelchair height is adjustable 26" to 34". Short legs are adjustable 17" to 25".
Children's (Primary Collection) activity tables are available in many bright colors with adjustable height from 17" to 25"
Wayfair Supply
Search for Activity Tables
virco rectangle virco kidney virco horseshoe virco round virco trapezoid
36", 48", 60", or 72" long x 24" deep
36", 48", 60", or 72" long x 30" deep
36", 60" or 72" x 36" deep

$82 - $140
60" wide x 66" deep

$163 - $331
48" wide x 72" deep
42", 48", or 60" diameter

$100 - $190
48" wide x 24" deep
60" wide x 30" deep
84" wide x 42" deep

$60 - $140

Galant model desks can be personalized with a selection of four surfaces veneers, tabletop shapes and sizes, tabletop extensions, and leg styles. We recommend either the height adjustable "A" legs or the height adjustable "T" legs. The "A" legs with casters are not height adjustable and result in a worksurface that is much too high for safe computer work.

More details on table options and prices available ...here (PDF file).
Prices range from $100 and up, depending on the configurations selected.

Ikea Options

Ikea Galant Desk

Bush Mobile Computer Table (BHI819). Eight height settings from 25.87" to 34.75". Table measures 35.6" W x 22" D. Seven different finishes. Caster wheels. 10-year warranty.

Hayneedle.com, $218 to $240 (free shipping)
Bush mobile computer table

Lifetime height adjustable table. Very sturdy. Can support a desktop monitor. The main drawback to this table is that it has crossbars under the table, so the user will need to use something like the Powerboard Lapboard for keyboard and mouse use on the lap. There is no legroom under this table, but it's OK for either a laptop or desktop monitor.
Costco in Redwood City ($20) (4-pack available through the Costco.com, $40, almond or white)
Lowe's, Office Max, Target, and many other locations.

lifetime table

Table-Mate II. This small compact table adjusts to 6 different heights and the table top can be set at 2 different angles. This isn't strong enough to support a monitor, but it's an inexpensive way to have a worksurface at home to support your keyboard and mouse at the correct height. It folds down when not in use. White plastic surface with white metal legs or new woodgrain.
Tablemate2.com, $40 including shipping


Luxor Height Adjustable Lectern (LX9128)
Stand adjusts from 36.25" to 45" tall for standing-height use. Table measures 23.25" W x 19.75" D. 50 lb. weight capacity. Consider using with mini-keyboard and trackball with risers for the laptop. Red oak finished tilt top with lip, black stand. Caster wheels.

the Webstaurant Store, $79.99
B & H Photo and Video, $96.50
Luxor height adjustable lectern

Sit/Stand Solutions:

The popularity of sit/stand workstations has increased a lot lately due to recent research and publicity about their health benefits and their ability to help you burn more calories than sitting all day. It's important to choose the right product and....to make sure it's adjusted to the correct working height!

Learn more about the benefits and recommendations regarding sit/stand workstations.
Performance Based Ergonomics: "To Sit? Or Not to Sit? (How About Doing A Little of Both?)"

sit stand height adjustment
Ergotron Workfit-S Sit/Stand Workstation

The Ergotron WorkFit-S model workstation clamps to any work surface that is 0.4" to 2.4" thick. It allows sit-stand height adjustment of the monitor and keyboard up to 18" in tandem with an additional monitor height adjustment of 5". The only limitation is that the distance from the keyboard to the monitor is not adjustable, that is, the keyboard tray does not slide forward and backward. A counterbalanced adjustment arm allows for instant adjustment from sit to standing height without knobs, levers, or tools. Single or dual monitor versions available as well as single monitor and laptop side-by-side. Two different models of each style is available depending on your monitor weight. There is an optional document holder or worksurface that can be purchased for either the dual or single monitor models. The document holder can be used to hold a laptop computer or tablet PC/iPad also. The document holder installs in 3 different positions to ensure a perfect fit under laptop or displays. The back-tilt keyboard platform has a mouse platform that attaches to either the left or right side.

Ergotron S Workstation Ergotron S Dual Workstation
Uplift Desk
The Human Solution
Electric pedestal to retrofit to your own worksurface. Lifting capacity is 355 lbs. at 1.5" per second, but varies depending on the load. 4 programmable height presets with LED height display. Keypad is available as push and hold, or advanced one-touch option. Frame has height adjustment range from 24.5" to 50.5". The frame width can telescope to accommodate desktops from 43" to 96" wide. Colors available are black, white or gray finish. There are center rails that can be removed to accommodate long keyboard tray tracks.
Standard 2-leg with no options: $435

Uplift Desk
ESI Rise Sit/Stand Desk
Cube Solutions or Works In Comfort
Electric sit-to-stand pedestal includes worksurface. Lifting capacity is 200 lbs. at 1.8 inches per second. Upgrade available for 300 lb. weight capacity. Standard up/down switch with upgrade available for 4 programmable height presets with digital height display. Height adjustment range from 22" to 48" and in black or silver finish. Top available in 9 sizes with 8 different veneer choices. Leg color choices include black, white, or silver. Each leg has it's own motor. Cross-bar stabilizers maximize knee clearance.

ISE Sit/Stand Desk
GeekDesk v3
Electric sit-to-stand workstation or pedestal only to retrofit to your own worksurface. Lifting capacity is 275 lbs. at 28mm to 35mm per second. 4 programmable height presets with LED height display. Large and small frames available both with height adjustment range from 23" to 48.75" and in black or silver finish. Top available in three sizes with black laminate or beech veneer. User doesn't have to hold the button while changing heights. Does NOT accomodate a keyboard tray.

GeekDesk Max
Same as the GeekDesk v3 except the lifting capacity is 335 lbs. at 1.1 inch per second.

Keyboard trays:

The thickness of the work surface may place the keyboard and mouse too high for some people even when the work surface is adjusted as low as possible. A keyboard tray is needed if an individual has no clearance between the forearm and the thigh.

The keyboard tray should hold the mouse and keyboard at the same height, that is, it must be at least 25" long, see the 6G500 model shown below, or the keyboard tray must have a separate mouse platform just above the number keys, as the 6G941RG below.

Click here to view instructions on adjusting your keyboard tray.

Humanscale Straight tray with wristrest (6G550),
, Source 1

25" low profile, single surface tray. Use without wristrest.

Keyboard tray, straight
Humanscale with upper mouse gel platform and wristrest (6G941R),
, Source 1
keyboard tray w/ mouse platform

Mouse Bridges:

A mousebridge is suggested to bring the mouse in front of the user’s body. The bridge restsover the number pad and slides off to the side if the numbers are in use.

Clear Mouse Bridge (MB, shown at right) $17.95
Flat Mouse Bridge $13.75
Source 1

mouse bridge

Raise Its:

Used to raise desks by 1" increments.

$15/set of 8
Source 1

Raise It's

Vendor Information

B & H Photo and Video


Ergo Source

Many options in height adjustable worksurfaces.


HON tables and workstations
8405 E. Kellogg
Wichita, KS 67207

(800) 434-4532

Cube Solutions
Height adjustable tables
Kurt Nunn
(408) 378-6270
1150 Archer Way
Campbell, CA 95008


297 Kingsbury Grade
Suite 133
P.O. Box 4470
Lake Tahoe, CA 89449-4470

Source 1 Ergonomics

Noreen Fahey, (650) 369-8288


The Human Solution

Virco, virco.com

(800) 316-2207

The Webstaurant Store

Works In Comfort

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