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Workrave settings

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  • Open the Workrave menu by right clicking on the sheep in the taskbar.
    Workrave taskbar

  • Then select Preferences.
    Workrave preferences
  • Modify Microbreaks on the Micro-breaks tab.
    Initially, set microbreaks to occur every 30 minutes, with a duration of 20 to 30 seconds. You can modify this later if you want them more or less often or longer or shorter in duration. Make sure the "Enable timer" box is checked.
    Prompting gives you some warning that a microbreak is coming up and you can postpone them if necessary. Unchecking the option boxes will result in a microbreak without warning or the option to postpone them. You can also set the time between prompts to take a break with the "Postpone time" setting.
    The suspend timer checkbox enables or disables the timer from functioning if you are not using the computer. If the checkbox is checked, the computer will not remind you to take breaks when you are not using the computer. This makes sense if you are often away from your computer or in meetings.
    Workrave microbreaks
  • Modify Rest breaks on the Rest break tab.
    Initially, set breaks to occur every hour, with a 1 minute duration. Make sure the "Enable timer box is checked.
    As with microbreaks, prompting gives you some notice that a break is coming up and allows you to postpone it if the timing is inconvenient. You can also set the time between prompts to take a break with the "Postpone time" setting.
    You can specify the number of exercises that are displayed during a break under "Options".

    Workrave breaks
Setting the mode allows you to turn Workrave off or on, or to turn off the sounds associated with the reminders. Open the main Workrave window by right-clicking on the sheep in the taskbar. Right-click on the hand, then right-click on "Mode" in the menu. From the Mode menu, you may choose from Normal, Suspended, or Quiet. Normal will run the break reminder with audio turned on. Suspended will stop the reminders and you will see a red line through the sheep in the taskbar. Quiet will continue the reminders on schedule, but without sound. You will see the sheep looking out a door in the taskbar.
PLEASE NOTE: If you try to change the mode by clicking on the sheep in the taskbar rather than from the main Workrave window, but a bug keeps it from changing if you click on the mode. You may change the mode from the taskbar by right-clicking on the desired mode. This bug will be fixed in the next release of the program.

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